100 ผู้แต่ง(บุคคล) Tassawun Wongwieng
245 ชื่อเรื่อง Family Ownership Levels Influencing the Profitability of Family Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
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260 สำนักพิมพ์ University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
260 ปีที่พิมพ์ 2022
773 ชื่อวารสาร Journal of Family Business and Management Studies
773 ปีที่(Vol.) 14
773 ฉบับที่ (No.) 2
773 หน้าที่ (Page no.) 201-212
650 หัวเรื่อง profitability
650 หัวเรื่อง gross profit margin
650 หัวเรื่อง net profit margin
650 หัวเรื่อง return on asset
650 หัวเรื่อง return on equity
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520 สาระสังเขป The objective of this study was to investigate the levels of family ownership that influence the profitability of family companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The family companies in this study were classified based on the levels of their family ownership into four groups: 1) less than 25% family ownership; 2) 2550% family ownership; 3) 5075% family ownership; and 4) above 75% family ownership in order to compare their profitability in terms of gross profit margin, net profit margin, return on asset, and return on equity according to financial data during 20182022. The results showed that the net profit margins of the four groups differed with a statistical significance level of .05. The net profit margin of the first group, which had less than 25% family ownership, was significantly different from that of the other groups. Thegross profit margins, returns on asset, and returns on equity of the four groups differed without statistical significance.
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