100 ผู้แต่ง(บุคคล) Apipol Penkitti
245 ชื่อเรื่อง The Effects of Perception of Utilitarian, Hedonic and Social Values on User Engagement in Audio-Based Social Platforms
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260 สำนักพิมพ์ University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
260 ปีที่พิมพ์ 2022
773 ชื่อวารสาร Journal of Family Business and Management Studies
773 ปีที่(Vol.) 14
773 ฉบับที่ (No.) 2
773 หน้าที่ (Page no.) 59-78
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520 สาระสังเขป Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is an acknowledged and effective strategy to slow the infections rate. Audio-based social platforms (ABSPs; feeling like the audio chat social network), including Clubhouse; Twitter space; and Facebook live audio rooms, were introduced and caught the attention of app users around the world during the lockdown policies and social isolation practice of Public Health policies. A number of famous figures were so fascinated by these platforms that the platforms became well-known swiftly across the world. This research aims to understand ABSPs user behavior in Thailand. Based on Uses and Gratifications Theory (UGT), and Social Influence Theory (SIT), this research intends to investigate the relationships between the perceived Utilitarian value (UV); the perceived Hedonic value (HV); the perceived Social value (SV), and user engagement (E). The questionnaire was employed to collect data from ABSPs users in Thailand, specifically the users with age of 25-to-34-years-old male, female, and LGBTQI+ were the sample frame of this research. The data then was analyzed using the structural equation modeling (SEM) to examine the influence of the three variables (i.e., UV, HV, SV) on ABSPs user engagement. The results revealed that all three perceived values, including Utilitarian, Hedonic, and Social values played an influential role in user engagement. This research provides insights into the understanding of ABSPs userbehavior in Thailand and contributes the best practices to ABSPs users and marketers, as well as platform developers, in a way that they can enhance platforms and present interesting content that satisfy the users, leading to success eventually.
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